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IP67 Machine Lamps

Surface mounted luminaires and signal lamps with LED technology
Bright, robust, compact and leak-proof!

Over recent decades, machine wiring has moved out from the control cabinet - and now developed into decentralized IP67 solutions. This has been partly to increase the degree of automation of the machines and partly to maximize machine availability - by minimizing maintenance costs.

Today, sensors are fitted directly into harsh industrial environments in robust enclosures. The connectivity (cables and connectors) has been adapted to tough and demanding environments. And this is the philosophy that we have applied to the area of machine lighting systems.

Keep-Cool technology

  • Active thermal management. Reducing LED current when the LEDs become too hot guarantees a life of more than 50,000 operating hours.
  • Passive thermal management. Minimal thermal transitions in the illuminant thanks to the use of hybrid thick-film technology as the PCB holder material.


The enclosure materials and designs of our machine lamps exactly match those of IP67 splitter boxes and sensors. The lamps are molded and resistant to conventional cooling lubricants, oils, and aggressive cleaning agents.

Connection system

Only robust industrial connectors (M12) with the appropriate standardized pin-out are used.

Controlling the lamps

Since our machine lamps are supplied by 24 V DC and draw a current of less than 0.5 A, they can be controlled directly from a standard PLC output via splitter boxes or fieldbus stations.

Integration is everything

Integrating lamp switch-on and switch-off into the PLC program cuts energy costs since the process determines the time the lamps are on. Integrating the machine lamps into the standard IP67 machine wiring cuts hardware costs since no additional components in the control cabinet are required.

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